Modular Accounting System enables any individual, familiar or unfamiliar with accounting to easily manage multiple activities simultaneously while maintaining society accounts.

Modules for Various Types of Payments :

  • Vendor Payments, Statutory Payments, Metered Services etc.
    • Invoice posting, Advance payment, Advance Adjustments, TDS calculation and deduction.
    • GST compatible with data listing for various GST Returns.
    • Calculate proportionate Input Tax Credit, when the Society has availed exemptions on maintenance charges bills.
    • Calculate Reverse Tax liability in case of GST Unregistered Vendors.
  • Staff Salary / Advances
    • Deduct Professional Tax at appropriate rates
    • Deduct Income Tax. [TDS]
    • Manage the advances / loans through installment deductions, while calculating salary payments
  • TDS Management
    • TDS calculation on advance payment or invoice posting for Vendors.
    • Separate TDS management module with interest calculation for delayed payment
    • Generate TDS challans
    • Generate Data for Quarterly filing of TDS returns.
  • Calculate any prepaid expenses, at the end of the year
    • Calculate the Outstanding Liability at the end of the year
    • Calculate any prepaid expenses at the end of the year
  • Other Payments.   

Modules for Various Types of Receipts :

  • Rental Incomes
    • A comprehensive module monitoring the due dates of payments, raising of bills under Service Tax
    • Accounting the receipts, including TDS, and issue of receipts [A feature, not found any other similar software]
  • Interest Income
    • Managed through a separate Investment Module

» Other Modules :

  • Investment of Funds [ Unique feature not found any where else. ]
    • Various Investment Heads
    • Matching Investment Heads with Funds
    • Auto-calculation of interest
  • Members & Outsiders - Security Deposit management
    • Tracking Security Deposits by members
    • Refund of Security Deposit [Absolutely zero possibility of incorrect refund]
  • Fixed Assets Management
    • Update Fixed Assets register as you pass accounting entry
    • Calculate Depreciation at the end of the year on predefined rates
  • Share Transfer Premium - Management
    • Linked with Transfer of Shares
    • Define the policy of various charges and the system will ensure that all the charges, as per policy, are recovered before transfer of shares

» Uploading various documents / Bills / Receipts for easy procurement at a later date (This will help online Audit by Statutory Auditors ).

» Trial Balance, as on any date.

» Receipt and Payment Account as on any date

» Generate Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure Account


Maintenance Charges Bills on regular periodical basis or for specific purpose / Debit Notes can be generated with ease. Interest and / Penalty can be charged for delayed payment and Rebate can be given for prompt payment, as per rules set by the Society.

» Maintenance Bills can be generated for any period.

» Define the Rates, and the System will calculate the maintenance charges under different heads and for different types of premises.

» Maintenance Charges can be Based on different parameters such as :

  • Equal to all
  • Area
  • No of Taps
  • And List

» Rebate Policy can be defined :

  • Fixed Amount
  • Based on area
  • As a percentage of maintenance charges under defined heads
  • As a percentage of payment received

» Penalty Policy can be defined, based on :

  • Arrears exceeding a fixed amount
  • Arrears exceeding number of bills
    • Can be a percentage of outstanding amount
    • Can be a fixed Amount

» Additional areas such as Terrace / Mezzanine Floors, etc attached to any premises can be additionally billed :

  • On Fixed Amount basis
  • On the basis of area

» Separate bills can be generated [Supplementary Bills] to meet any project cost for a limited period :

  • Can have a separate interest policy
  • Can have a separate Rebate Policy
  • Building wise / wing-wise rates can vary

» Customized Non Occupancy charges Policy.

» Customized Vehicle Parking charges Policy.

» GST Compatible

  • Define GST categories and rates for various services.
  • Define GST exemptions.
  • Set up member master for multiple premises to meet GST exemption definition.
  • Raise Tax Invoice [ for taxable items] and Bill of Supply [ for non taxable and exempt items] separately.
  • Charge interest with GST (payable on receipt) on Tax invoice arrears and charge Interest without GST for Bill of Supply arrears. [ A unique feature not available in any other housing society billing software.] This will meet the GST provisions in toto.
  • List data for various GST returns.

To make it more convenient for the Admin, all the Statutory Registers are maintained online and are automatically updated as and when a new entry is made.

» * All Statutory Registers can be managed :

  • I form Register
  • J Form Register
  • Share Register
  • Form O Register
  • Nomination Register
  • Property Register
  • Lien Register
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Investment Register
  • Sinking Fund Register

» * On approval of the Transfers, respective membership is upgraded and the registers can be generated, then viewed / printed in PDF format at any time.

» * On approval of the Nomination Form by the Managing Committee, the Nomination Register is automatically updated.

» * On approval of the Bank Loan and issue of NOC by the Managing Committee, the Lien Register is automatically updated .

» * As and when bills are generated, the Sinking Fund Register is automatically updated.

» * At the end of the year, the Interest on Sinking Fund Investments is calculated member wise and is automatically updated in the Sinking Fund Register.

Members with appropriate authority have access to this feature to manage all kinds of society meetings. They can easily generate meeting notice, agenda, minutes of the meeting, note the attendances and more online.

» Various Types of Meetings can be managed :

  • Managing Committee
  • Sub Committees
  • General Body Meetings
    • Annual General Body Meeting
    • Special General Body Meeting
    • Emergency General Body Meeting
    • Requisition General Body Meeting

» Agenda items can be :

  • Standard Agenda Items [Predefined]
  • Various Tasks as generated by
    • Compliance Planner
    • AMC Renewals
    • Contract Renewals
    • Inward Documents
      • Transfer Documents
      • Nomination Forms
      • Application for NOCs, etc.

» Notice Header and Footnotes are predefined and society can customize the same as and when required.

» Notice once generated cannot be changed.

» Attendance of the members attending meeting can be recorded.

» Minutes can be written / edited until approved.

» Minutes once approved finally cannot be changed thereafter.

» Predefined minutes available for various system generated Agenda items under various possible decisions. [Innovations unlimited!].

» Hard Copies of Notice & Minutes can be printed.

» On approval, system generated agenda items update various respective data of :

  • Tenancy Data
  • Membership Data
  • AMC data
  • Contracts Data
  • Nominations Data etc

In order to help the society run smoothly and the activities of staff are monitored in a systematic manner, tasks can be posted by Admin. Where tasks are required to be posted for predetermined activities, tasks are posted through the system. 

» Tasks are System Generated, through :

  • Compliance Planner
  • Vendor Management
  • Contracts (Services) Management
  • Documents (Transfer papers / NOCs, Nomination Forms etc.)
  • Complaint Handling Module (Help Desk)
  • Managing Committee (If undecided and placed for next meeting)

» Tasks can also be Posted by the Admin :

  • Indicate the person who will perform the task
  • Designate the person who will monitor the task
  • Task, if repetitive, can be adapted to generated as per the cycle
  • Task, to be placed before the Managing Committee, automatically becomes an Agenda Item for selection. Needless to repeat, draft minutes are there for use by the Admin
  • Responses to the task can be recorded and monitored
  • In case of multiple quotations, details of the same can be managed as an additional part of the task
    • Name of the Vendor
    • Address of the Vendor
    • Quoted Amount
    • Contact Number / email id
    • And the Vendor master is maintained for selection in future

» Tasks can be closed by the person monitoring the task. i.e., a person actually working on the task, after completion, can only forward the task for final approval by the respective monitor of the task.

» The Task, once generated by the system or the Admin, cannot be erased from the system until closure by the person monitoring:

» Tasks can be assigned to any of the Service Staff, Society Staff, Managing Committee Members, Sub-Committee Member, etc

» The efficiency and performance of the Staff is destined to improve substantially

To help society members in a better way, there is an integrated complaint module - Help Desk, through which registered members can post complaints online. To make it more promising, SMS updates can be sent directly through mobile.


» Tasks are System Generated, through :

  • Complaints are classified under various categories for future analysis by the admin
  • Complaints, if not attended within the predefined response period, escalates to the next level
  • After escalating from all three levels, the complaints are placed before the managing Committee for resolution
  • At every stage, the response is updated and can be viewed by the member
  • Member can reopen a complaint, even if it is closed as Resolved by the Admin
  • Member can provide grades / rate service to complaint resolution, which will help the management to evaluate various vendors and service providers
  • The Society Admin can customize the flow of the complaint received - by specifying that the complaint needs to be resolved directly by the concerned service provider or it should pass through a centralized Help Desk team
  • Complaints can also be lodged by the member with help of 'Help Desk'
  • SMS alerts / email messages can be sent on request of the member based on policy adopted by the Society

A society complex may have many facilities such as Health Club, Swimming Pool, Play Equipments, Sports facilities [ Tennis Court, Badminton Courts, Squash Courtsetc], Party Halls etc. Some of the Facilities may be used free of charge, but some may be used on payment, either on advance booking basis or on pay and use basis. The charges also can be different for the members, tenants and outsiders. The module provides a detailed Management option.

» Options :

  • Advance Booking
    • Block the days on which the Society itself uses the Facility
    • Define the weekly off day and block booking on weekly off days
    • Define the number of days available for advance booking
    • Define the minimum number of days required for advance booking
    • Book by number of days or Hourly slots>
    • Pay nominal charges and make temporary booking
    • Define the different charges for cancellation of temporary booking and confirmed booking
    • Define the Charges, Reimbursable Expenses and Security Deposit
    • Define Security Deposit Refund policy
    • Allow for penalties, additional charges
    • Keep wait list for booked days
    • Pay by Payment Gateway
    • SMS / email messages on every change of status
    • SMS messaging to the person managing the facility
  • Spot Booking
    • Pay and Use. No Security deposit
    • No restriction on the number of users for a single facility


Members can login through their email id and make advance booking. The Spot Booking will be managed by the person in charge of the facility. 

As and when the payments are received / advance refunded, the accounting entries are made and there is no need for separate accounting entry. 

Members can see the Terms of Booking, Terms of Cancellation and Terms of Refund of Security deposit.